Dentures are an alternative to replacing missing or lost teeth, and is a form of cosmetic dentistry. Dentures can assist in making

you more confident to smile, improve your speech and greatly enhance your ability to eat a wide range of foods.


There are three options for patients who are wanting dentures; full, partial and implant retained dentures.


A full denture replaces all natural teeth. Apart from improving your speech and eating ability, these dentures also provide support

to your facial structure, making your lips and cheeks to look fuller, creating a younger and healthier look.

Implant retained dentures are a popular alternative to conventional dentures. Implant retained dentures replce on or more single teeth, and are held in place by dental implants secured to the jaw bone. Implant retained dentures make it easier to eat foods like steak and fruit since they don't slip.


Partial dentures replace lost or missing teeth. They are usually retained by clapsps around the existing teeth. Replacing missing teeth makes it easier to eat, along with improving your smile confidence. Partial dentures can have a plastic or chrome base for added strength.



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