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Tooth jewelry are crystals and glass accessories that are professionally bonded to your tooth. Gift vouchers for tooth jewellery are also available as a great gift idea for a friend or loved one.

How are they bonded to the tooth? 

Tooth jewellery are bonded to the tooth with dental composite glue by a professional. The procedure of bonding the jewellery to the teeth is similar to bonding orthodontic brackets, allowing the tooth to stay intact with easy removal. The composite is applied by a dental professional to the tooth, then the jewellery is light cured for 60 seconds, harding the composite.

How long do they stay in?

Tooth jewellery stays in until you decide to have it removed. Just like braces, they leave no marks on the tooth.


How are they removed?


Tooth jewellery is removed the same way braces are, by polishing and cleaning off the glue.

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